Yarn Dreamer Retreats

I have been captured by Alpacas

My journey began seventy years ago in Berlin, Germany. I entered the United States as a motion picture editor in 1964. After forty-three years in film, and a life with a menagerie that included twelve cats, five dogs, nine geese, several chickens and Jimmy the Rooster, I met Honeycomb the Alpaca. Then the past became prologue.

Her fabulous eyes, gentle nature, incredibly soft fleece, and humming sounds introduced a new phase in my life. I fell in love with this gift from the Andes providing fleece to create one of a kind hand-spun yarns and garments for you to treasure and enjoy!!!

Knit in Paradise (or not far from it!) at Insel Haus B&B on Bois Blanc Island, Michigan.

Starting at just $320 per person for lodging, meals and knitting instruction during a three night stay at Insel Haus B&B. Add $50 per night for a private room. Additional nights, $50 per night.

See our Yarn Dreamer website for more details.

Insel Haus - A Bed and Breakfast | HCR 1, Box 157 - Bois Blanc Island, Michigan 49775, U.S.A.