Bois Blanc Island Area Attractions

Most folks don't realize how much they need "nothing to do." But if you require activities there is fishing, hiking, swimming, bird watching, photography, and if you bring your canoe or kayak there is great access to inland lakes or the Straits of Mackinac. Within ninety minutes of our Bois Blanc Island Bed and Breakfast you'll find casinos, golf courses, and dozens of other Michigan attractions.

We love our 540 feet of Straits of Mackinac shoreline and 26 acres of meadows and wilderness forest. The Bois Blanc Island woods are populated by deer and smaller critters. A fox rears her kits each spring just beyond our front door. While enjoying our evening meal we have counted up to 22 deer dining on the meadow. Just this morning a troop of wild turkeys marched across our lawn. Their Tom, displaying his magnificent colors, entered the forest and the patrol disappeared. As I write, Monarch butterflies decorate the lilacs outside my window.

The Township marina awaits your boat, and the 3500 foot paved landing strip awaits your plane. Passengers, freight and provisions are brought in by boat and plane from Cheboygan, St. Ignace and Pellston.
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