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Shelby & ChristaMeet your hosts, Shelby and Christa Newhouse. This husband and wife team has produced, directed, written and edited motion pictures and videotape programs for forty years.

Shelby has organized and directed productions in studios and on location in the United States, Canada, France, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy and Chile. Shelby, always seeking a new audience, will relate adventures and mis-adventures.

Christa emigrated to the United States from Germany In 1964, and in 1967, organized Unique Film and Video, Incorporated, a film and video post production studio.

Their love of animals has led them to become owners and breeders of Alpacas. Christa spins their fleece, makes yarn, and creates one of a kind garments, which win blue ribbons in international competitions. Christa is also recognized as an inspiring instructor and knitwear designer.

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. November 24, 2008

The wet snow covers last night’s footprints, even the ones made on the cairns for Oma and Opa.

The indentation in the high grass of the meadow, made when there was the need for a moment of peaceful rest, is still visible. Did you hear the deer in the forest?

32 wild Turkeys create 10 lane highways - with their footprints erasing yours, but never the memory of you.

Dearest Teddy, thank you for all your love.

Keep looking into the windows of our souls.

And today we will burn our tears.

And today we will burn our tears.

Twelve of thirty-six major works of Shelby Newhouse, film director, writer, narrator and Christa Kindt Newhouse, editor and assistant director.

"The Age of Steel: Diego Rivera" EMMY Award

Held by 218 libraries worldwide. Available at all Detroit Institute of Arts Gift Shops. Considered by the artist to be the most successful creation of his career, Diego Rivera's fresco cycle in the Detroit Institute of Arts is the finest example of Mexican muralist work in the United States. The film documents Rivera's painting of the "Detroit Industry" frescos, one of the few modern works to successfully incorporate representations of machines being transformed into dynamic, sensual forms. Part one, in black and white, shows Diego Rivera and his assistants at work on the Detroit Industry frescoes. Part two, in color, examines the finished frescoes. Diego Rivera's own writings provide the basis for the commentary.

"Fatima" EMMY Award

Pope John Paul II invited our client to an audience in Rome. The Pope told her how important this film is and asked if it could also be produced in Spanish. The hour long program's narrator is Ricardo Montalban. At the request of Pope John Paul II. "Fatima" was then filmed in Spanish. The program focuses on reported miraculous occurrences and prophecies in the village of Fátima, Portugal in 1917 and connects them to massive world events including World War I and the Russian Revolution. James H. Billlington speaks about the Revolution. Malcom Muggeridge, British author, broadcaster, iconoclast, well known agnostic discusses his conversion to Catholicism at age 82. Held by 37 libraries worldwide.

"Chrysler: Once Upon a Time and Now" EMMY Award

A documentary on the rise and fall of the Chrysler Corporation, focusing on the men and motives that carried the firm from the number two spot in the American automobile industry to virtual bankruptcy. Explores the "Bailout" including Iacocca's congressional hearings, speeches, interviews and highlights the resulting national debate between the forces of free enterprise and those of state capitalism.

"And Justice For All: The Jury" EMMY Award

For orientation of jurors. Selected by the United States Supreme Court for use in all Federal District Courts. Also used in more than three hundred fifty state courts.

"Reyes Syndrome: a real and present danger" CINE Golden Eagle Award, Golden Cassette Award

The National Reyes Syndrome Foundation ordered prints of our film and sent them to each of their one thousand chapters. All children, teenagers and young adults are subject to this mysterious illness. If not diagnosed correctly and treated death may occur in two or three days.

"From Drawing Board to Delivery" CINE Golden Eagle Award - Gold Medal - Red Ribbon - Bronze Medal - Award of Merit - Award for Creativity

Produced for the Ford Motor Company and UAW Joint Committee on Quality Control. This film showed all the steps required to produce an automobile. In 1989 the Council on International Non-Theatrical Events published the following: "CINE Congratulates Shelby Newhouse-Producer-Director for the motion picture, "From Drawing Board to Delivery". This film has been selected for its excellence to represent the United States of America in international motion picture events abroad and awards to it the GOLDEN EAGLE."

"Heritage in Black" Landers Award

African-American contributions to the development of the United States. Used in a Department of Defense eighteen hour race relations course mandated for viewing by all members of the US Military. “Heritage in Black”. was one of two films in the 18 hour curriculum. Each year educators throughout the United States identify the ten most distinguished films of the year. Our film won this prestigious Landers award. A national figure always speaks at the principal dinner of the annual national meeting of the NAACP. Instead of an address the year this film was released that honored position was reserved for a motion picture, “Heritage in Black”. Distributed by Encyclopedia Britannica Films.

"Your Silent Partner"

Produced in 1972. This film identifies and shows pictures of twenty-six members of the Mafia, including their names, nick names and six of their so-called legitimate businesses. Scenes of organized criminal activities in Michigan underscore a discussion of organized crime's extensive impact on the economy, street crime, and ordinary people. Police Academies included this 16mm, 1 hour long color film in their training curriculum. I treasure a wonderful letter from Vincent Piersanti, Chief of the Organized Crime Division of the Michigan Attorney General's Office. It contains the following paragraph, "On behalf of myself and the State of Michigan I thank you for your time and effort, but most of all for your willingness to stand up and be counted in the continuing battle against organized crime."

"Meadow Brook Hall"

An interview with Matilda R. Wilson, widow of John Dodge, one of the founders of the automobile industry. Viewers are taken on a tour of Meadow Brook Hall built in 1929 and often cited as one of the fifteen greatest homes of America. Mrs. Wilson died two days after this interview took place.

"Applewood - a Reminiscence"

A tour of the home of automotive industrialist Charles Stewart Mott, founder of the Mott Foundation. Largest single General Motors stock holder, member of the GM Board of Directors for sixty years.

"TV News: Measure of the Medium"

"Television news is the major source of information for most Americans. How much confidence can we have in it? To evaluate the news product consumers of news need to be aware of the problems of news dissemination. This educational film demonstrates the complexities of broadcast journalism. It provides a frame of reference for critical judgment of news content and affirms the need to employ many sources of information to be well informed." This film was produced for Encyclopedia Britannica Films. They distribute it throughout the United States.

"To Save Our Children From The Sexual Revolution"

Discusses the importance of family values and spiritual truths in a society where over 70 percent of 18-year-olds are sexually active, divorces continue to increase, suicide and violent crime are on the rise. Includes interviews with Christian psychologist James Dobson, movie critic Michael Medved, and others.

Shelby Newhouse Producer/Director, Shelby Newhouse, Shana Corporation

Recently the Detroit Producers Association was asked by the Creatives for a Cure committee to choose a person we wish to honor. The DPA looked for a person whose contributions to their craft have helped, like our organization, to improve the overall local production community. Shelby Newhouse is such a person.

Every so often, in an industry such as ours, a person comes along who typifies the spirit of the business. Again, Shelby Newhouse is such a person.

Shelby Newhouse started his career as a staff announcer at WJLB radio in 1944. In 1968 Newhouse started his film and video production company, the Shana Corporation. Since then, he has traveled the globe - and along the way has created a prodigious body of work and garnered an impressive array of awards.

DPA As a founding DPA member, Shelby has made animportant contribution to the production community through the years. Because of his vision, hard work, and willingness to share his experience and expertise, the DPA proposes Shelby Newhouse as our representative to be honored at the first Creatives for a Cure event. We want this first Creatives for a Cure honor to go to one of our finest - and Shelby Newhouse is just such a person.

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